Please touch my Greek patterns!

Thursday March 31st, 2016


Hello owls!

When I presented the project for my first exhibition, you told me that you look forward to see what I imagined for the second one. Well, it’s the big day!

The theme of this exhibition was “In or out”. This theme implies the idea of borders and is also a reference to the current situation of Greece in the European Union.


I chose to represent the theme of this exhibition concretely and from a physical point of view. By using assembled and drilled wooden boards as canvas, I imagined patterns by movements of inside to outside and vice versa. The represented shapes are present in the Greek architecture and art. Colors as well as shapes are a reference to the current political situation in Greece. But I also chose to question the theme of borders differently. Through this creation, I speak about the border between the world of sighted people and the one of visually-impaired people. By imagining this tactile work, I question the situation for this part of the population in the Art world.


This time I was able to attend the vernissage of the exhibition and it was really great! There was a lot of people, Greek food, musicians, and even a comedian for the animation of the evening. I talked with the visitors and the other artists who presented their works. It was really interesting to see how each person has interpreted the theme.  There were those who imagined something quite different than I did. And then, there were those whose sensibility got closer to mine.


Are you also sometimes touched by a certain piece of art? Tell me which ones!

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