Summer swap

Monday July 13th, 2015


Hello quails!

Today we meet again! This time for a swap! Sarah, from the online magazine One Pretty Life, proposed to exchange small packets full of surprises that are related to a summer theme. I joined the party and Sarah assigned me Gaële as partner.


Look at what I got from Gaële. It’s nice, isn’t it?

Gaële likes purple and turquoise blue, she likes to make things with her hands and to cook for her friends. Thus, I concocted her a small packet (which, according to the rules, did not have to exceed a budget of 12-15€) to her liking.


Because Gaële likes cooking, I sent her three recipes for a French-Austrian meal, which she could cook for friends. For the entrance, her friends will get quiche Lorraine (from the region from which I come from), then they will enjoy the “Semmelknödel” which are dumplings made from bread, onions and herbs and cooked in water, and for the dessert an “Apfelstrudel”.


I take this opportunity to let her discover Kernöl, the pumpkin seeds oil, which is a specialty from Styria, the region where I live in Austria. In Styria, we use it in salads, to do ice cream or even to add it to soups. It has a nutty taste and is of green color. But watch out, you should not cook it! You have to enjoy it cold!


Then I added some chocolate that is produced by a Styrian company. Like in the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, you can visit the factory that produces this chocolate and taste the chocolate again and again. Yummy! The chocolate brand has the name of its creator, Zotter. He is a little bit crazy and presents flavors such as marc de champagne, matcha tea, lemon, etc.

To liven up the evenings of Gaële and her friends I share with her a game, which I discovered thanks to a Swedish friend. It is a gift exchange game. Every guest brings one or two presents of equal value. They sit around the pile of gifts. Each guest throws a die and makes an action depending on the indicated number: take a present, give the presents to the person to the right, exchange a present with somebody, change place, etc. The game has two rounds each taking five minutes. During the first one the presents are still wrapped. In the second round the presents are unpacked. When the time is up, each person keeps the present they end up with.


Finally, I made a small piñata note book into which Gaële can write dos and don’ts for social evenings, just as a small reminder. For example, do: make mini quiches, but without the dough, because everybody likes them, plan small games for children, etc. Don’ts: don’t cook meals that contain onions for Sylvaine, don’t speak about politic when Marcel is around, etc.!

Ah, and I also added a bookmark of an illustrator which I adore, Rebecca Dautremer! Check out her work!

And you? Are you tempted by this gift exchange?


  1. Ena
    Thursday November 12th, 2015

    Hello Ptak:) I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this page, but now, half an hour later, I like everything I see here and I’m especially in love with this idea of gift swapping. Is there some kind of creative community where I can join this excellent thing? Note: I live in Graz. Colorful greetings:) Ena

    • Author
      Thursday November 12th, 2015

      Hi Ena! I am super happy that you found my page, maybe with a mystical reason! I know a super great creative community in Graz. The organization is called Bohemian Soul and they have D.I.Y Nights. There you can meet me and creative people. They don’t especially do gift exchange but you can share the idea and see who is interested.
      You can also have a look here This blogger organizes cards exchange for Christmas.
      I hope to see you here again. Your message really makes me happy :-)

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