Making of my first animated movie

Thursday May 21st, 2015


Hello my little robins!

Ah if you knew, this animated movie project made me live a lot of different feelings. I loved it, I was excited by the idea, it bothered me, I hated it, I adored it, I was proud, in brief, a real adventure!

Everything began, when I created the blog. For the “about” section I wanted something, which defines me well, and also something creative. For example, I did not “only” want a text. So, one morning I woke up, I thought about it, and I wrote and drew the storyboard of the video. I made sure to tell my story as it is. Then I let it sleep in my sketchbook and I dealt with the creation of the blog in itself.


Once the blog began to take shape, after a few months, I started to work on the video. I polished the texts, in French and in English, and I redrew the sketches. I thought about the transitions, the sequence of the images, the way all that had to be set up in a smooth way. I already knew which style I wanted to give to my illustrations. I wanted something alive, vibrating, that’s why I chose to paint my illustrations with gouache paint. From the beginning I knew that my character would be a bird. The bird is my favorite animal. That’s also why I called my blog PTAK, because it means bird in Polish. I tried different colors, clothing and accessories for my character. And then I began my illustrations.


For one animated image, I decided that I needed 4 drawings, to not have a repetitive movement. I proceeded as follows: at first I drew my character with a wooden pencil, then I applied the color, and finally, when the paint was dry, I could draw the black outlines with a felt-tip pen. Then, I scanned my drawings and I worked again on them in a drawing software. Me, who do not like repetitive work and who is quickly bothered by it, I can tell you that it was a little bit difficult. But I am a persevering person! I do not like to stop a work in progress. I absolutely had to finish all the drawings before beginning the video editing. But I saw that this project was taking a lot of time. So I made some tests of editing the movie to be sure that it could work. This drawing part took me all my late afternoons, all my evenings and almost all my weekends, for weeks and even months! Overall, around 300 drawings were necessary to make this video, without counting the texts.


Once all the illustrations were finished and all the texts were formatted, I looked for music to accompany the video. I wanted something joyful, rhythmic, and light. It also had to have an appropriate license so that I could use the music. I made a selection of music and then tested them, until I finally dashed into the video editing! What a joy to see my illustrations finally coming to life, after these long months of work! The editing part was much shorter than the drawing part. I tried to align the rhythm of the music and my drawings. There were images which were more difficult to synchronize than others, but finally I set up everything little by little.


I never learnt to make animated movies. Therefore, I followed my instincts for this first project. Like usually, I dashed into the work without really knowing what waited for me. So, of course, this first short movie is not perfect but I am truly satisfied that I made it. It was a very, very long work, during which I was happy to see the video taking shape and I was proud, when I finally finished it!

And you? What do you think about it?



  1. Bettina
    Monday October 21st, 2019

    What a lovely and great idea! Keep going and keep up your lovely and very tender work! Bettina

    • Author
      Thursday October 24th, 2019

      Thanks a lot Bettina for your nice words! They go right to my heart :-)

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