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Wednesday September 30th, 2015


Hello warblers!

I write you live from the train! At the moment I have two places I call home. This way, I discover new Austrian landscapes and it’s so beautiful. All around my new home: mountains of rock, grass, tree. Some of them are already covered with a little bit of snow. Through the window of the train I see only shades of green, birds, houses in the middle of meadows. That makes me dream! Yes, I am a countryside girl and I would like to live there again.

All this has, of course, no link with what I will present you today. I am not a girl of logic, you know!

Seeing all the school stationeries in stores this weekend, I thought about the piñata notebook I made for Gaële. I said to myself that it was a nice idea to re-design the classic exercise book cover. And even though we are no school children anymore, I am sure that, there are some of you like me, who adore notebooks and who like to customize them. Admit that I am not the only one, who has a lot of small pads, which wait that we give them a purpose!

To make this step by step I suggest to you to use paper that has already been used: a former wrapping paper or pages from a magazine for example. I admit that having done this DIY, I realise that it’s better to use plasticized paper or some plastic. Otherwise your piñata notebook will be a little bit fragile.


Determine the width of the paper so that it covers your notebook. You can cover the first side, the back side and even the edge if you wish. I would recommend to cover the edge only if it is not too thick; otherwise I am afraid that the  piñata cover gets damaged rather quickly.

Draw strips of one centimeter in height.

Watch out to cut only one line out of two.


The line on which you didn’t cut serves as a mark for cutting the small strips of the piñata.

Glue the top part of your strip.


Stick the first strip on the top of your notebook. Slide the other strips under the previous ones. This part is the most delicate because it’s necessary to lift delicately the small strips to be able to slide your strips below. In hindsight it would be easier to start the other way around. This way, we don’t slide the stripes beneath each other, but stick them on top of each other. (Did I tell you that I am no girl of logic?!)5_decouper_etiquette_pinata_book

If you want to add a title on your notebook, watch out to not stick strips on your title area.


And voilà!

And you, how do you customize your small notebooks?

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