painting with fingers

Thursday April 23rd, 2015


A walk in the forest, at the bank of a lake. The beautiful light of the sun. Birds telling us stories. A dog discussing with another one in the distance. Walking, observing nature. Throwing stones on the still frozen part of the lake, to see if the ice breaks. Collecting plants to plant them at home. Stopping. Closing the eyes. Listening only to the sounds of nature. Simplicity. This is what I wanted. This is what I wanted to be inspired of. So I painted with my hands.


Did you already paint with your hands? Maybe when you were young. But, do you remember the sensations? No need of a specific equipment, no need to master any tool in particular. A sheet of paper, the paint, your little fingers and here we go!

Dip your fingers into a little bit of paint and put your fingerprints on the sheet to draw flowers, landscapes, whatever inspires you. There are so many possibilities: we can tap, stretch, spread…


When I was younger I drew animals this way. I remember that I loved to create a giraffe, because I could paint its long neck with a lot of fingerprints!


Because children are almost never tired, even after a long walk in the nature, I said to myself that it could be a great activity to do with them. To have a walk, to pick flowers and plants. And, once return at home, besides creating a herbarium and researching the collected species, we also can paint them. With the fingers!



  1. Thursday January 14th, 2016

    I loved this!! :)

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