The Ginger’s Opera

Wednesday June 17th, 2015


Hello redstarts!

In the collection of the plays of language, after the fantastic story of the Mohnferkel, here is The Ginger’s Opera!

I heard this little treasure when I was still a student. For the final project of the year, one of my classmates worked on a scenography project for opera singers. To make the show accessible to a large audience, she set this space up in the streets of the city. My classmate came from Bulgaria, spoke French very well and had a charming accent. And thus, it was by this mix of ideas, journey and charm that her “Opéra de Rue” (The Street Opera) was born. Pronounced with a small eastern accent it became the “Opéra des Roux” (The Ginger’s Opera).


To meet and to live with people from different countries, having different cultures and different languages is so enriching and inspiring, don’t you think?

Inspired by this cocktail of particularities, I present my version of this Ginger’s Opera.


Tell me! Did this kind of linguistic anecdotes already happen to you?

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