The magical physalis

Thursday April 30th, 2015


Hello finches!

This weekend I sorted out my plants. I threw away those which had died, and planted new ones. I always have a hard time throwing away plants, even those which are super dry. I always have a small hope, that a small leaf will appear, that they will be reborn. To console myself I planted two small packages of surprise seeds, which were offered in a shop, and, would you believe that, there are already small shoots in my jars. As nothing was indicated on the packages, I wonder what they will be. I adore watching them growing day after day. It is like receiving a little gift, but one that we can watch growing every day.


And then there was these physalis that my mom advised me to throw away, because they had lost their red lively colours. But I adore them, even if they are orange or green. At first, I brought them to the kitchen, where bad things happen to plants. And then, before throwing them away, I thought that I absolutely have to keep a memory of them, because I find them beautiful and because I picked them when my brother came to visit me. I took my camera and I photographed them.


Having taken some pics, by looking on the screen of my device, I saw white shapes appearing on my photos. I observed my physalis closer. Nothing. I continued to take photos but there were always white shapes on the screen of the device. I zoomed in to see better, and then I saw. I saw a giraffe, penguins, then goats, and there were also squirrels, an elephant, which played to be splashed and even a cat, which fished for his own dinner! A whole small world lived at my home for months without me realizing it.


Then I put the physalis back in their glass jar and I observed. First, from far away. Then, I approached to see better. I discovered a cat, which I considered a loner, but which actually did not fish to eat the fishes. Once back on the shore, fishes spent their afternoons in a small bowl of water speaking with the cat. The squirrel family spent time playing and showed me always animated and funny scenes. Goats soared and ran all day long on the bouquet of physalis. They were never tired. Sometimes, they went with the penguins to slide. Together they had a lot of fun! And, do you know what Mr. Elephant’s favourite game was? To hide and to surprise the giraffe by blowing her some water in the face. He considered himself taller than he was and never managed to reach its target, which made them laugh a lot!


So no, I didn’t throw away the physalis bouquet, because now I have funny little animals living in my kitchen. And by observing them living, playing and having fun together, I understood why physalis are also called Love in cage, in French.


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