DIY: The wall of triangles

Wednesday March 18th, 2015


Hello turtledoves!

I don’t know if you are like me, but I love to collect a lot of different things! Among all this things is paper. Magazine pages, shop bags, old notebook pages… And, I don’t know if you do that too, but sometimes when I buy something, I ask for a wrapping paper! And then, when I come back home, I have a gift to unwrap and if the gift wrap is beautiful it’s a double bonus!



So I had all these beautiful papers at home in a drawer but I wanted to see them more often! In a gray Sunday, I took my little papers and I cut, cut, cut! It’s not complicated, you just have to cut the triangles at the same size (but you can also have various sizes) and then with adhesive patches you stick them on the wall.


It took me some hours to do this project; I like to take my time when I do DIY projects. It takes a little bit of time to cut all these triangles and to place them on the wall, don’t hesitate to step back and to look if everything is straight. 


The steps:

Collect papers (a nice pattern on a magazine page, a beautiful flyer on a display, a colorful wrapping paper from the last birthday…)

Cut triangles of the same or different sizes. Use scissors or a cutter and a ruler by standing on a hard surface (old calendar for example).

Stick your triangles on the wall with adhesive patches.

Step back to check if everything is straight and/or use a spirit level.

Show off to your friends about your new shiny wall!


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