The noodle necklace 2.0

Thursday May 28th, 2015


Hello quails!

When you were younger, did you offer presents for Mother’s, Father’s, Grandmother’s Day? I adored that! I spent hours in the workshop of my dad to make wooden objects, or at home to prepare poems or cards secretly in my room. And that very morning I got up before everybody else to prepare the breakfast and to serve it at the bed!


Today I live far from my family, but I always try to spoil them. I try to think of small gifts that I can send per mail. For this Mother’s Day present, I thought about the gifts my brother and I were offering when we were young, and I wondered if we already made the traditional noodle necklace. I am sure we made it, but I can’t remember. Then I thought that it would be funny to rethink this noodle necklace and to make a version 2.0!

Arm yourself with patience and accuracy and let’s go!


First, take alphabet pasta and sort out the letters to write your message.


Then, paint the noodles. Several choices are possible. I used nail polish and acrylic. Nail polish takes too long to dry, so I preferred acrylic.

Put two coats of paint then one coat of varnish on each side (wait a few minutes between each layer).

You must be meticulous and you also need to use a tweezer or a wooden pick to hold in place the pasta. As supporting surface for painting the noodles, choose a ceramic or plastic surface. If you go for paper it will stick to the pasta and even more when it will dry.


To stick the noodles to a thread, flip you noodles vertically in a symmetric way. Take a not too thin and flexible woolen thread to make gluing the pasta easier. Put a little bit of ultra-strong glue on your pasta and stick them to the thread. Wait until the glue dries.

You can make a knot to close the necklace or add a clasp to your thread.

This necklace is rather thin and it’s necessary to be meticulous to make it. It is a like a precious jewel! Then you can pack it in a pretty box. I am sure that this reference to the traditional noodle necklace will delight your mom! Happy Mother’s Day!


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