The Tree

Thursday June 4th, 2015


Last evening, I looked for a movie to watch. I wanted to watch a comedy, but nothing tempted me, except for one movie: The Tree. This movie, realized by Julie Bertuccelli, is not a comedy, but a really moving film. It tells the story of a woman, a mother of four children, who lost her husband, and who tries to live without him. A type of story that we already saw in the cinema of course, but this film touched me because the feelings are just right. The pain to lose her love, to learn to manage the concerns of the everyday life alone, to deal with the social life, etc. And then there is this way of not really speaking about what happened with the kids, and the daughter, who continues to speak with her father…

I was so touched by this movie that I wanted to draw the house in which this family lives and the tree, which is an inherent part of them.

I took my pencils and my paint, it feels good!

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