Gift idea: personalized pics

Sunday May 10th, 2015


Hello swallows!

Your good friend goes away to join Jules in Vierzon and you take it as a big treason? A colleague is transferred to a sunny country and you hate her for that? Despite that you still like them and you want to offer them a little departure gift? Here is an idea: photographs. Well ok, photos always remind us about the great-aunt, who, every Sunday, takes out the photo album of the family, which maybe even is in black and white! But we can modernize all this by making funny pictures! It’s an opportunity to have fun and to make a unique present, fitting your own history.


elieTogether with your colleagues, your friends, or your family, arrange a scene with yourself at your workplace, in your city, in the family house. Imagine scenarios, which refer to situations which you experienced together, with objects, which are part of your everyday life, etc.


If you have a creative person in your working team or among your friends, you can even customize your pictures or make illustrations by adding small funny or cute details.


IraThen you can imagine on or in which medium you will offer your photos or illustrations. They can be put in frames of different sizes and shapes to create a patchwork on the wall. But if your friend or colleague moves, you will maybe need to think of something less cumbersome, such as a metallic thread on which to hang the images.


If you have a low budget and if you also want to hang photos at home, it’s very simple. Stick the ends of the thread on the wallusing masking tape or thumb tack. To suspend the images use colored links or masking tape, and voilà! This way, you not only can decorate your walls, but also the always nude angles of your apartment!


Did you already have fun doing this kind of photo shoots? Tell me!

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