Happy Mail

Wednesday September 28th, 2016


Hi birdies,

Do you still send letters or post cards to close friends and family? During your travels or even during the rest of the year? I have to admit that it’s something I love to do. I regularly send mail to my grandparents for example. Last week, I received some cards for my birthday and it always makes me very happy. So when I saw that the challenge organized by the Projet DIY team was a Happy Mail, I quickly registered to participate!

A Happy Mail is a creative exchange of mail. You can create and send cards, illustrations, small objects, etc. This is Maeva, from the inspiring blog Marauda Verbo who proposed this challenge to the Projet DIY team. And by a happy coincidence I was designated to send mail to Maeva, the priestess of Happy Mail. I had no pressure at all! Let’s go, I show you what I’ve created for her.


The theme of the Happy Mail is “holiday memories” and I know that Maeva loves patterns. I decided to let myself be inspired by my walks and travels of this summer to imagine this Happy Mail. Inspiration is everywhere; you simply have to open yourself to the word. It is not about copying a pattern seen on a fabric, a book or another object, but rather to get inspired by your environment. The subway map, the leaves of a tree, a new building in your city. To decorate the envelopes for example I was inspired by the geometric facade of a building for the left one and by colorful little candies for the one on the right. I also wanted to send cotton threads to Maeva, because they are too beautiful to not be shared!


I made a “Papel picado” (perforated paper) garland for Maeva. I did not go to Mexico this summer, but I discovered this kind of garland thanks to the artist Cara Carmina whose work I follow via Instagram. In Mexico, these garlands are used as decoration for special occasions, so it will be like a small party every day at Maeva’s place! To make this garland by yourself, simply cut squares or rectangles of paper and cut out patterns. Choose simple designs for easy cutting! Once the patterns are cut, simply fold the upper hand, slip string and paste it on the back.


I also realized three soft badges made of felt! To make them, follow these steps: choose a pattern, cut two equal patterns in a soft felt, sew the edges and a little before you finish sewing them, insert cotton in your badge, and then finish sewing. And voilà, a beautiful fluffy badge!


And if Maeva needs inspiration, she can check out the little envelop that I dropped in her mail, she will find about thirty pattern ideas.


Finally, I know that Maeva loves notebooks, and I bet you do too! So I made two small notebooks with homemade word plays! The pattern of the left book is inspired by a Norwegian mountain map, and the pattern of the right book is inspired by the tramway map of Oslo which I visited this summer.


I loved to imagine and create this Happy Mail for Maeva, I hope she will like it! I can’t wait to receive my Happy Mail from Pasqualina. You can find other Happy Mail on the Projet DIY website. I think that a nice personal mail has become something rare, so making and receiving a beautiful mail is really a pleasure.

Does this Happy Mail inspire you to send a nice letter to your friends and family?

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