DIY : The egg shell vases

Wednesday April 1st, 2015


Easter is coming and the tradition of decorating eggs along with it. Traditions change depending of the country. I remember that when I was younger, we emptied eggs by making two small holes on each side. Then we painted them and hung them on a bouquet made of branches. That’s how we did it at home, in the east of France.


Here in Austria, decorating eggs is also an important tradition. On every market, branches and decorated eggs are sold. In Vienna, there are little markets dedicated to Easter eggs. They are painted, embroidered, dyed in thousands of variations. I also discovered a new way of decorating eggs. First you cook them, and then you dunk them into colored water. This way we get colored hard-boiled eggs! And on Easter day everybody takes a colored egg in the hand and strikes it against the egg of an opponent. The one, who has a cracked shell, lost. Then, the colored eggs are eaten during a cold meal.


Because it is tradition to paint eggs for Easter I said myself: why not paint the inside of shells rather than the outside! I wanted colors and flowers, the colored shells will be mini-vases.


Here are the steps:


At first, break the eggs in two. Try to keep a half shell bigger than the other one. Then wash the inside of the egg. If there is a date printed on the shell, scratch it carefully with a sponge.

Then paint the inside of the shell. I used gouache, but you can also use acrylic. For a uniform result, put several coats of paint and wait a few minutes between every layers.


Here is the most delicate step. Perforate the shell with a needle, as shown on the photograph. Another way is to place the shell against the table and to drill with a needle from the inside to the outside. If you do not manage, take your liquid glue (pistol glue or very strong glue), stick your thread inside the shell and wait until the glue dries.

If you choose to drill the shell, make a knot at the end of your thread and pass it from the inside to the outside. Then, on the other side, from the outside inward. Make a knot on this side too.


And voilà! Your shell vases are ready! Fill them with flowers and hang them on your bouquet of branches. You can add a little bit of synthetic moss at the bottom of the shells and stick your flowers in it.



Tell me, what are your Easter traditions?

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