DIY: Acorn and pompom garland

Thursday February 11th, 2016


Hello seagulls!

At the moment, I want to go for walks in the forest, in the plains, in the mountains, in short I need nature. But the cold slows me down a bit. You too? Then I decided to invite nature at home. No, I did not suddenly have a green thumb and grew plants! I made a vegetal garland.

Well, you will need a little bit of courage to face the cold and to go to find some acorns in the forest. Find the oak-trees and search under the leaves which are at the foot of the trees, you will find a lot of acorns there. Once back at home, free the acorns from their small hoods and wash the hoods in soapy water. Try not to break the small pieces of branches which are at the top of the hoods. They will serve as connection to the garland. Then it is necessary to make a lot of pompoms, follow the steps to make very small ones!


Roll up a little bit of wool on a fork. Cut the thread, when you estimate that you have enough wool for a pompom.


Cut a small piece of wool from your wool ball and pass it between the teeth of your fork. Make a knot.


I advise you to make a double knot, so that it doesn’t undo itself. Remove the wool from your fork and cut the woolen threads at the bottom of your future pompom.


Cut the long threads of your knot. Add glue to the inside of the hood.


Insert the pompom into the hood. Cut a cotton thread of the length you wish to give to your garland. Finally, make a double knot around every little branch of your hoods.


And here is a poetic garland! And you? What are your tricks to take advantage of the nature in your house?

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