DIY: a copper garland

Wednesday November 30th, 2016


Hello quails!

December begins tomorrow! I love this time of the year. Look for pleasing gifts, decorate the house, and spend time with family. Oh! And open a door of the Advent calendar each day and eat a little piece of chocolate! Yummy! By the way, if you are looking for an idea for an unusual calendar, you can create your Advent calendar with messages by following the steps here.

But let’s come back to what brings you here today: the creation of a pretty garland made of copper and cotton threads. The realization is super easy. Just follow these steps!

Required material:

-copper thread

-cotton thread

-thick cardboard

The steps:


Cut out a rectangular shape from a thick cardboard. The width of your rectangle will depend on the width you want to give to the bows of the garland. Mine is 3.5 centimetres wide. Wrap the copper thread around the cardboard. Then slide the copper thread out of the cardboard.

Wrap the copper thread around the other threads to form a bow. When you are finished, cut the copper thread. Create as many copper bows as you want for your garland.

Do the same to make the cotton bows. This time, when your cotton bow is finished, cut the thread, and knot it with the thread with which you started that same bow.


Spread the copper threads slightly to give a nice shape to your bow.

Cut out a copper thread longer than the size you want to give to your garland. Pass this thread at the center of the copper bows.


Wrap the copper thread around the cotton bows.

At the back of the cotton bows, wrap the copper thread on itself.

Alternate copper bows and cotton bows!




You can hang your garland in the Christmas tree or on the wall for the rest of the year! Show me your creations! I am curious: what color do you combine with copper?

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