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Monday November 30th, 2015


Hello Starling!

In December, I return for one month to France, which is super great because I am going to spend time with my family and friends! But on the other hand I leave my boyfriend here in Austria for a part of the month, and that is less cool. So I prepared him an Advent calendar with messages. Thus, he will have every day a small word of love to discover.

Do you also want to spoil your boyfriend or your girlfriend during December? It is hyper simple, just follow these steps!1_decouper_paille_pate_a_fixe

Cut plastic or paper straws. Every piece is 3 centimetres long. You need 24 pieces.

Put adhesive patches on one of the ends of the straw. Do that for every piece.


Cut pieces of paper of 3cm width. Write a word of love on every small paper. It can be encouragement, a “voucher for something”, a word of love, etc.

Insert the papers inside the straws. Watch out, let at least 5 millimetres of paper outside the straw so that it’s easier to grab.


Stick your small tubes with the adhesive patches on the wall. Use the dimensions indicated on the plan to obtain a regular tree.


And voilà!

Tell me, do you prepare Advent calendar every year or do you buy it? I admit that every year I have my chocolate Advent calendar, not homemade at all. I love chocolate too much!


  1. Thursday January 14th, 2016

    Hey, I loved this idea! A pity I saw it in January hehe… but maybe next december I will try it out!! :)

    • Author
      Thursday January 14th, 2016

      You therefore have one year to prepare it :-)
      I am happy that you like it.

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