Create lovely marble jewels

Friday May 12th, 2017

Hello birdies!

Like the swallows, I had to go away for a little bit, but I finally come back in spring! And today I come back with a trendy creation that is super easy to make: marble jewels. A beautiful gift to offer to our moms at the end of the month!

Required material:

-felt pens for porcelain

-modeling clay Fimo

-a knife, a cutter, or a metal ruler

-a plastic roller, or a glass bottle

-a wooden stick, a pin, or a dotting tool

-a brooch pin, cotton thread, a chain, or a ring holder

-special glue for Fimo clay

The steps:

Take a piece of clay and knead it, then give it a cylindrical shape.

Color the clay with small spots using porcelain felts. Here the marbling will be black, but you can choose other colors. Protect your table to not damage it!

The use of porcelain felts allows the color to attach to the clay once out of the oven.

Create the marble pattern by turning the cylinder on itself, and by forming a ball.

Flatten the marble ball using a glass bottle or a plastic roller.

Give shape to your clay by cutting it with a sharp object (knife, cutter, or metal ruler).

With a doting tool, a pin or a wooden stick, make small holes in your jewel. They will be used to hang small tassels or to insert the fasteners if you choose to create a bracelet or a necklace. Think of making the holes large enough to fit the fasteners or the chains.

Cook your jewel in the oven according to the instructions on the packaging of the clay. Mine cooked for 30 minutes at 110 ° C. Do not cook your jewel with the fasteners and other chains. Right out of the oven the jewel will still be a little bit soft, let it cool on a flat and cold surface.

Pass the copper or cotton thread through the small holes in your jewel. Then wrap thread on the top of the tassels to shape them.

Glue the fastener on the back of your jewel.

Your mum, your sister, your friends or yourself can now proudly wear these pretty marble jewels!

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