Fruity self portrait

Thursday January 28th, 2016


Hello Goldfinches,

While I was working on the project for my second exhibition, I thought that I have to show you the first project I made for my first exhibition.

This exhibition was named “Facing Art”. Its purpose was to present the various artists who took part in the exhibition, and who will also be part of the next ones. Everybody was free to present herself or himself as she or he wanted. Photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.


I chose to symbolize my character traits with personified fruits. The visitors could discover me through these colorful illustrations.

For me, the fruits resonate with childhood, because at that time I was obliged to eat fruits even though I do not like them. Every meal finishing with a fruit was a bad adventure for me. All the stratagems I set up to avoid to eat them make this bad memory into a funny souvenir.

Thus, fruits speak about me as a child and my actual character traits, old and new.


Each card is a square. On one side of the card is the fruity illustration and on the other side, the word which qualifies me.

Cards were attached to cotton threads, hanged as a mobile. The public could turn around the cards and/or turn them by themselves to see the illustration or the word.





Do you have memories which were supposed to be bad and which turn out good over time?


  1. Monday February 1st, 2016

    My favourite one was the “tender” card :)
    And speaking about childhood memories, just today I was remembering the times I used to wake up so early to go to school! There was absolutely no good way to wake me up…. hehehe

    • Author
      Monday February 1st, 2016

      Oh, I also remember when we had to wake up so early every morning. It’s incredible when you think about it. Now when I get up at 7h it’s sometimes hard. But for years we woke up way more early than that!
      Absolutely no good way to wake you up? Even not with something sweet like cookies?

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