Goodbye Graz

Wednesday November 11th, 2015


Goodbye Graz, I leave.

This week I still stride through your streets with my green bike.

But it’s finished. I leave. Finally.

I wanted to tell you this so many times.

Yet that does not come from you.

Your sweetness was perfect.

Your inhabitants were so welcoming and friendly.

I liked discovering you and growing up here.

But I dreamed and I dream about somewhere else, far, different.

I do not go so far away and I will come back.

But I want to realize the dreams which broke here.

I liked discovering you and the countries which surround you.

But my dreams became more refined. I leave to realize them.

I know that life will not stop to slow me down, but I am going to try.

I want to try.

This is how I leave you.

Filled with doubts and with hopes.

Melancholic and light.

Fragile and stronger at the same time.

Goodbye Graz.



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