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Wednesday May 13th, 2015

Hi, I am Sylvaine! I am 29. I am a space, object and graphic designer. 

If you want to know more about me, my work and this blog, please have a look at my first animated short movie:


  1. Thursday January 14th, 2016

    Wow!! I enjoyed this video so much! Well done!! I find it very cute and inspiring. I wish we could all live creative and have such amazing projects at 4 am :)

    • Author
      Thursday January 14th, 2016

      Thanks Lucila :-) It would be great yes!

  2. Sunday February 14th, 2016

    oh this is so adorable. Love your story and your style. Will definitely come back here :)) Happy creating PTAK!

    • Author
      Tuesday February 16th, 2016

      YOU are adorable. Thank you for your nice words. I will be happy to have you here anytime :-)

  3. Monday June 27th, 2016

    Thanks for joining the link up! I love your animated video! It’s a great work. I hope you get inspired by our picture books posts. xx cathy

    • Author
      Monday June 27th, 2016

      Thanks Cathy ! I am happy that you enjoy it :-)
      The picture books posts are a great inspiration.

  4. Monday June 27th, 2016

    ps: je ne peux pas ajouter ta video à mon tableau pinterest?

    • Author
      Monday June 27th, 2016

      Tu peux si tu le souhaites. Tu n’y arrives pas ? Moi j’y suis arrivée. Tu peux la retrouver dans mon tableau « My animated movie » dans mon Pinterest.

  5. Monday June 27th, 2016

    What a beautiful video!! Thanks for sharing this link in the picture books du monde link-up, I’m so glad I found your site!! –Mel

    • Author
      Monday June 27th, 2016

      Oh Mel, I am so happy that you like my video. The picture books du monde link-up is a great way to discover great blogs and books :-)

  6. Martina
    Wednesday October 19th, 2016

    Such a gorgeous little animated video! Totally loved it. Do persevere and don’t give up! You are very talented:-)

    • Author
      Monday October 24th, 2016

      I am happy that you liked it Martina. Thank you for your nice words :-) I am curious, how did you find my blog?

  7. Thursday March 9th, 2017

    So lovely!

    • Author
      Thursday March 16th, 2017

      Thank you so much Anna! I am happy that you like my short movie :-)

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